May 19, 2024

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Yard: All-working day light not needed for young tomato crops

The desired light-dark cycle for creating crops includes 8 hrs of darkness, and that a light-weight duration of 14 to 18 hours fits them very best.

Expensive Helen: A short while ago, two distinct people today have informed me that youthful tomato crops should get 24 hours of gentle. Have you heard this?


I read that suggestion on the radio a couple of decades back, but I’ve hardly ever set my plant lights to stay on all the time. My lights are on for 16 hours and off for eight. The resources I have investigated propose that the favored light-dim cycle for establishing vegetation contains 8 several hours of darkness, and that a gentle period of 14 to 18 several hours satisfies them greatest.

The moment tomato crops are founded in backyard or greenhouse, 8 several hours of daylight will endorse fruiting.

Dear Helen: I’m no skilled computer person and I am not accustomed to ordering factors on the internet, but some of the seed sources I use either strongly encourage online buying or no for a longer period set out a print catalogue. How are you managing this concern, or are you a pc whiz?


For another person who takes advantage of a laptop on a regular basis, I’m as far from a tech-whiz as a man or woman can be. If a substantial specialized glitch occurs, I have to seek assistance.

For me, it has been anything of a challenge to navigate sure seed firm web sites. Some are super-straightforward to locate wished-for merchandise, order them, verify out and fork out other people are more than enough to make regular mortals grind their teeth into a high-quality powder.

I’ve been completely thwarted by passwords, and currently being questioned to match them to some unfamiliar entity. The desire for a cellphone number is an additional impossibility for oddities like me who really don’t use a single. I have made a note to purchase from extra than one particular company by telephone in the future, to stay clear of unnecessary headache.

So much, my online buying to Salt Spring Seeds, Brother Character Seeds, William Dam Seeds, West Coast Seeds, T&T Seeds, Renee’s Backyard garden, Twining Vine Garden, and Plant planet Seeds (England) have long gone easily. They all reply with an electronic mail affirmation and summary of the order.

I have been astonished at the nearly uncanny speed with which my orders have arrived from Salt Spring Seeds.

The website I uncover most pleasant to use is Renee’s Garden. It is brilliant, vibrant, straightforward on the eyes and superbly easy to navigate. I’m attempting a few of their New for 2023 listings. Other common groups include things like Simple to Expand Collections, Cookbooks, and Gifts.

Clicking on a classification of seeds, for illustration peppers, provides up a web page picturing the vibrant seed packets, with complete descriptions of the varieties provided. For small room and patio gardeners, there is beneath Veggies a Container Wide variety Sampler.

For on-line purchasing I use a credit rating card with a minimal restrict on it.

Dear Helen: I have been seeking all above for seeds of the tiny, elongated “dipping” tomato you explained in a column. The seeds were slated to be introduced this 12 months. I have not been able to come across the seeds on nearby racks or in any of the catalogues I use.


Even though I did not be expecting to obtain this new tomato on neighborhood seed racks, I have been shocked at how handful of catalogues have detailed it.

Last spring, the enterprise that originated Sun Dipper tomato sent me a transplant to trial in my backyard garden forward of the seeds’ introduction this year. The slim plant, staked versus strong wire fencing, was incredibly effective of elongated, pear-shaped tomatoes.

Those tomatoes ended up a serious strike in the backyard garden last summertime. I invited each individual visitor to sample them. Anyone remarked on the sweet, prosperous flavour.

I ordered Solar Dipper from William Dam Seeds. I purchase each and every year from various resources. 3 I use often detailed Sunshine Dipper. The on the net purchasing from Dam went efficiently and their rates are fair.

Pricey Helen: I was intrigued in your column about good neighborhood resources of common gardening information and facts. My neighborhood e book retail outlet does not have the freshly released, expanded and revised version of West Coast Gardening: Normal Insect, Weed & Disease Handle by Linda Gilkeson. Can you counsel how I might purchase a duplicate?


My community reserve retail outlet did not have it both. I purchased my copy from the Salt Spring Seeds web-site ( Simply click on Shop and then on Guides.

In accordance to the writer, these new books are offered in Munro’s in Victoria, Salt Spring Textbooks on Salt Spring Island, Quantity 1 in Duncan, and Laughing Oyster in Courtenay.

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