September 27, 2023

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Why Creating Some Log Piles In Your Backyard Is Good For Wildlife

Even though most individuals could be forgiven for thinking that branches pruned off trees and bushes have served their objective, maintaining a handful of log piles in your back garden could have some astonishing rewards for the regional wildlife.

To start with, consider of a basic foodstuff chain. Decaying rotting wood is foods and shelter for all manner of creepy crawlies, from woodlice to beetles and spiders, and even fungi like orange spot, as nicely as lichen, can advantage. Consequently as these xylophages and other detritivores multiply, this can attract much larger critters like birds and compact mammals, this sort of as hedgehogs, who no question would love a delicious beetle-formed snack. 

The People’s Trust For Endangered Species has a actuality sheet all about how making log piles can assist a person the largest bugs in the Uk, the higher stag beetle (Lucanus cervus), which is in critical decline. Stag beetle larvae keep in aged wood for all over six decades right before rising to mate, which is why a very long lasting woodpile that will not be disturbed can become so crucial for this species.

When you surely should not be using useless wooden (or something else) from woodlands or forests to build your log pile, acquiring in contact with a tree surgeon or nearby gardening team can be a good way to reclaim lifeless wooden. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) recommends that logs that are at minimum 100 millimeters (3.9 inches) thick with the bark still hooked up are best for making a log pile, as quite a few creatures like to reside underneath the bark. If you are able to add some leaf litter to your log pile, this can inspire species like hedgehogs to examine your back garden.

The log pile inhabitants can reward your backyard too. The devil’s coach horse beetle likes dwelling in decaying make a difference, together with compost heaps and underneath stones in gardens, and will even consider care of those pesky vine weevils for you – just really don’t be tempted to pick this a single up, as they can give a quite distressing bite.

Overwintering bumblebees normally hibernate in holes dug just less than the surface where by they won’t be woken up much too early and a log pile can enable give a shady place for this, offering the included advantage of pollinating your bouquets in the warmer months. 

Throughout the pond, on a more substantial scale the Northwest Organic Useful resource Group suggests preserving snags (standing lifeless trees) and huge fallen trees in situ to assistance a whole host of cavity-dependent birds and tiny mammals. They recommend these parts, which include massive decadent trees, can present foodstuff and shelter for in excess of 40 per cent of the wildlife species in Pacific Northwest forests. 

In Pennsylvania, tree cavities in live or lifeless trees are used by 35 species of birds and 20 species of mammals, which includes woodpeckers, vultures, and numerous bat species. 

Recreating these habitats on a lesser scale in your garden can bring a variety of benefits, and who is aware of what new species could appear your way thanks to a handful of useless logs.