May 19, 2024

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SapienStone: black and inexperienced patterns for today?s kitchen surfaces

The kitchen is 1 of the spaces in the residence which carry on to function a collection of timeless colors, this sort of as white, numerous woody hues and, more commonly speaking, pale colours as perfectly as the vast palette of neutral hues.
But in addition to these timeless shades, there has in modern a long time been a craze toward use of extra powerful hues symbolizing a action absent from regular kitchen layout.
These include, 1st of all, dark colours such as grey and deep black, as nicely as varieties of marble veering toward eco-friendly.

These strange remedies have turn into a aspect of the broad output of technically and aesthetically revolutionary ceramic surfaces

High-tech ceramic presents a contemporary choose on all the principal masking supplies while also providing customised decorating remedies manufactured achievable by use of maxi-slabs.
At the identical time, higher-tech ceramic is the excellent content for the kitchen area for the reason that it is practically fully non-absorbent, a guarantee of resistance, inalterability and simple cleansing.


Drawing on a long time of practical experience creating prime-of-the-selection porcelain, the Iris Ceramica Team set up the SapienStone model to focus completely on kitchen area counter tops for the two residential use and specialist use in dining places and bars.
In its numerous collections abounding in variants on the classic hues of white and beige, SapienStone also explores a range of interesting black and green alternatives, offered listed here.


Black Diamond is a SapienStone selection made not only for the house kitchen but also for dining places and convivial areas of all varieties. Its fascinating appearance conveys a welcoming mood and a feeling of practicality, creating a cosy domestic atmosphere. The marble area is characterised by the existence of cloudy, vaporous multi-coloured shadows in opposition to a really dim grey background, adding a contact of magnificence and character to surfaces.
Refined, rigorous Darkish Marquina is a specifically elegant marble reproducing the colors of just one of Spain’s most well-known stones, Nero Marquina. Used principally on floors and partitions in areas embellished in traditional, elegant type, this SapienStone material adds a depth of color that is definitely ground breaking in the kitchen area, set off by attribute good white veining
All the attraction of eco-friendly marble is evident in Alpi Chiaro Venato. What emerges at first glance is its intense grid of pale parts, white veins and speckles standing out in a magnetic, nearly pictorial way towards a green backdrop.

These eco-friendly marbles are significantly flexible, just like the black and dim grey shades, and can quickly be utilised in both equally traditional and fashionable spaces, maintaining all the expressive power of correct designer decor.

Marco Privato