June 19, 2024

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Making ants cry uncle in an underground residence

Q. We stay in an underground house and will need your assistance. We bought this home six many years back and bravely undertook a intestine renovation, out to the concrete partitions and down to the sand. We were being too ignorant (and intimate) to think we could not pull this renovation off, so we did. We are very pleased with the results, besides for 1 challenge: seem handle. When the ground was laid, we installed radiant warmth and then poured a polished-concrete ground. The great home is 28 by 28 ft, capped by a concrete dome with a huge central oculus skylight. We have drywall about the concrete walls. We feel the concrete floors underneath the dome are behind the sounds issue. The audio of our grandchildren taking part in or folks conversing fills the area. We could possibly include new flooring, but we certainly want to preserve the radiant heat. Would bamboo flooring be a great decision? Or cork? Ants have discovered their way into the residence in which the expansion joints in the ground have failed. How impermeable do we have to have to make the underfloor ahead of incorporating new flooring? Is there a certain kind of qualified who discounts with these components?

A.S. & C.N.

A. This sounds like a pretty intriguing residence with quite exceptional issues. To start with, I would be worried with the ants. The moment they have established a foothold beneath the slab, it could be an problem receiving rid of them. I would use a urethane caulk built for expansion joints to seal issues up, and then get in touch with an exterminator. A excellent program could be to have the perimeter of the household sprayed the moment a year.

Relating to sound handle, nearly anything to absorb the seem created as an alternative of it reverberating back will assist. Rugs in decide on regions that go over plenty of of the flooring would do greater than any sort of wood flooring. If you do decide to deal with the floor completely to mitigate seem, cork or vinyl-plank floors are superior than sound wooden, which is thicker and will protect against the heat from radiating by means of. You would have to be conscious to continue to keep the flooring all around 80 degrees, but no greater. Radiant heat is not often established that higher, so it should really not be an concern.


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