October 1, 2023

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Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Mar. 20 to 26.


Real estate transactions totaled $12,262,337 across 16 sales for the week of March 20 to 26.

Property Address: 178 GCR 6522

Description: 1,874-square-foot residence on 0.21 acres of land.

Seller: Todd and Carolyn Senn

Buyer: Brian Blumenfeld and MacKenzie Brenneman

Price: $609,000

Property Address: Ramble Lane

Description: Roam Filing No. 1, Block 9, Lots 1-5.

Seller: Fraser River Development Co LLC

Buyer: Bonanza Homes LLC

Price: $500,000

Property Address: 265 Elk Track Circle

Description: Village at Elk Track 2nd Filing Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot 32

Seller: KGE LLC

Buyer: Todd Smith

Price: $940,019

Property Address: 5405 GCR 5/4 Bar 4 Road

Description: 2.053 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: James Foxley

Buyer: Erika and Christopher McDonald

Price: $125,000

Property Address: No address

Description: Village at Eagle Ridge Lot 82, Building 16

Seller: Royal Oak Rocksure LLC

Buyer: Meghan and Micah Williams

Price: $700,750

Property Address: 103 Ramble Lane

Description: 4,170-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3 ½-bath, single-family residence on 0.0268 acres of land.

Seller: Bonanza Homes LLC

Buyer: Wynn and Douglas Waggoner

Price: $1,254,878

Property Address: No address, Northwoods at Lakota Park

Description: 9,490-square-foot, seven-bedroom, 6.75-bathroom, duplex/triplex on 0.56 acres of land.

Seller: PMWP Development Company

Buyer: Ayesha Bano and Nicolas Papadakos

Price: $2,075,190

Property Address: 813 Granby West Circle

Description: 0.37 acres of vacant commercial land.

Seller: Granby Industrial LLC

Buyer: Cher and Aaron Fox

Price: $130,000

Property Address: 823 Granby West Circle

Description: 0.41 acres of vacant commercial land.

Seller: Granby Industrial LLC

Buyer: Willow Creek Clearing Grading LLC

Price: $130,000

Property Address: 714 Leland Creek Circle

Description: Lot 10 at Leland Creek Subdivision.

Seller: Jonathan Moss II and Jennifer Tokarz

Buyer: Mountain Bear LLC

Price: $499,000

Property Address: 503 North 12th Street

Description: 1,786-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath, single-family residence on 0.071 acres of land.

Seller: Christopher and Nancy Ziegler

Buyer: Dane Drape

Price: $400,500

Property Address: 150 Arrowhead Way

Description: 5,458-square-foot, four-bedroom, 4 ½-bath, single-family residence on 0.743 acres of land.

Seller: Scott and Holli Sparks

Buyer: David and Gretchen Stubenvoll

Price: $3,200,000

Property Address: 2781 GCR 642/Rocky Mountain Drive

Description: 2.65 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Steven and Cynthia Gackstetter

Buyer: Douglas and Tina Decker

Price: $289,000

Property Address: 136 GCR 838/East Meadow Mile, Meadow Ridge Lodges

Description: 1,245-square-foot, three-bedroom, 1.75-bath condo.

Seller: William and Miranda Kelver

Buyer: Dan and Julianne Bassett

Price: $730,000

Property Address: 223 GCR 4421, Soda Springs

Description: 1,689-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2.2-bath condo.

Seller: Patrick Edward Patterson Living Trust and Carol Good Patterson Living Trust

Buyer: Michael and Laura Patterson

Price: $300,000

Property Address: 670 Winter Park Drive, Fraser Crossing-Founders Pointe Condominium

Description: 443-square-foot, zero-bedroom, one-bath condo.

Seller: Justin Wheat

Buyer: Denver Dash

Price: $379,500