May 19, 2024

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8 Best Tips for Organising and Decluttering Your Home in 2022

If your home is engulfed in clutter as far as the eye can view, it’s time to take some action and focus on reorganizing it. Half the year has passed by already and if not now, then when? We know it’s not easy to Mary Kondo your way out to a perfectly decluttered and organized home overnight but it sure isn’t impossible to reach there eventually if you start today.

A clutter-free, clean home can work wonders. Besides all the psychological benefits of arranging, decluttering your home means you’ll be left with only the objects that are most useful to you resulting in a clean and minimalistic space.

 Well organized homes can help you reach your best productivity levels as it promotes a sense of calm & composed surroundings as well. Ditch the overwhelm of home organization and decluttering as we help you set the right foot to it one wipe at a time.

Here are the top 8 ways to declutter and organize your home

Set your goals right

It’s no news that before getting on an important task or an operation, one sets some goals to achieve at the end of it. Take this step towards organizing your home like that of accomplishing a major task which will give you a sense of accomplishment once met with the goals. First it’s essential to  figure out what you want to achieve. On which rooms do you wish to focus your efforts? Determine what works and what doesn’t in the space, whether it’s only your home office, children’s bedroom or the entire house and once you’ve set your goal, it becomes much easier to go on about it, so do not skip this step.

Keep your surfaces clean

Clearing up any flat surfaces, such as countertops, tabletops, and nightstands, is the quickest approach to make your home look a little less congested. Though it may be easy, placing your keys, wallet, mail, and other valuables on a small table but just taking objects from a room and storing them in your storage to make the area look less cluttered is ineffective. Make sure to have designated spots and storages for all your day to day essentials which ends up lying haywire around the house, especially the living room.

Create sorting boxes

As you go on cleaning the house , You will need to build up a system for sorting the stuff. The best way to go on about it would be the Three-Box Method, which requires you to make decisions- item by item so you don’t end up with a worse mess than you started with.

Label three boxes or storage bins with the following and get started on being one step closer to the organized and clean lifestyle.

  1. The “Keep” Box: After you’ve finished each space, empty this box and place the items in their new area. These items should be labeled and carefully maintained inside a container or drawer.
  2. The “Get Rid Of” Box: One of the best outcomes of decluttering your house might be the stuff which you would be getting rid of, which one way or the other will come in handy to someone else.Whether you want to donate, sell or throw them away. Put all the stuff you want to get rid of in this box.
  3. The “Put In Storage”Box: “Put In Storage” is the title of the next box. Anything you’re not sure about – a pan you only use once a year for a holiday, a juicer that works but isn’t efficient, a guilt-inducing item you can’t acknowledge is useless – goes in this box. By default, any item that you’re not convinced fits in the Keep box falls into the storage box.

Items that “Spark Joy”

The Marie Kondo suggestion that took the world by storm, is to keep only the things that make you happy and spark joy. This isn’t to say that they have to make you happy all of the time.The idea was followed by millions of people across the globe who vouched that it was rather one of the best organizational and decluttering methods which worked wonders and made them realize the true value of certain belongings. Can you tell how many of your items spark joy? Try this method out to know.

Use the 90/90 rule

The Minimalists, also known as Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have devised the 90/90 rule assist people in sorting through their belongings and determining what is truly All you have to do is, When looking at anything, you ask yourself the following question:

Is this an item I’ve used in the last 90 days? Will I utilize it in the following 90 days if I don’t?

No? If the answer is “no” then it’s time to let go. It doesn’t exactly have to be 90 days, it could be more, however what is the use of hoarding something which hasn’t come to be in use but is just eating up storage?

It’s OK to Buy Again

Often so, it happens that when you are cleaning and reorganizing any space there’s a realization of having too many things in the house which caused the whole mess. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this should stop you from buying what is needed in the future to have a more clean and organized space. Be mindful of your shopping and buy items which will help you best resolve your problem. Brands like Carrefour are offering discounts up to 60% off on items site wide, use Carrefour Promo Code to avail the best deals and discounts on your next shopping spree for the perfectly organized home. There are also chrome web extensions like Honey and CouponBot that automatically generates the best working coupons.

Practice The One-In-One-Out Method

To add one more method to practice for a minimalist-uncluttered lifestyle, Make a promise to yourself that for every new thing that comes into your home, you will get rid of something else. It aids in keeping your storage math straight: if you actually follow this guideline, you should not accumulate a single “excess” item. Having a dedicated “outbox” for stuff you will either donate or give away which makes it easier to stick to the habit.

Think Out Of The Box

Last but not the least, it’s important to think out of the box (no pun intended). Every house has some extra space that goes unnoticed to the naked eye. Look for hidden storage in unexpected areas, such as tucked-away corners. For example, the space behind doors, under stairwells, above headboards, and beneath bed frames can be used as a convenient platform for racks, shelves, built-in drawers, and other storage solutions.

We know it’s not easy to re-organise your home as easy as it sounds reading this article but it’s not impossible either. Take one step further to a decluttered and organized lifestyle with the tips mentioned above and find your way into the minimalist lifestyle sooner than later.  We hope the article helps you in getting an insight on where to start and pave your way through it.