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30 Kitchen Islands That Will Inspire You

santa monica home of textile and interior designer kathryn ireland

30 Kitchen Islands That Will Inspire YouAndreas von Einsiedel – Getty Images

If you’re ready for a major kitchen change but don’t feel like doing a total renovation, switching up (or adding) a kitchen island is a great idea. Kitchen islands give you more surface area to prep meals, and some may even come with unique benefits. For instance, certain designs have plenty of drawers and shelves for storage, while others boast additional seating that comes in handy when entertaining.

There are countless kitchen island designs out there, so we’ve sifted through them and highlighted some of our favorites. From statement-making pretty pastel ones to compact options that can squeeze into the smallest of spaces, scroll ahead for 30 kitchen islands that are sure to inspire you.

Elevated Elegance

If you want to elevate your kitchen quickly, add a marble island to it. Featuring a trendy waterfall design, this chic piece comes with a brass sink and faucet and provides plenty of room for meal prep.

3d rendering of simple kitchen design with green wall

alvarez – Getty Images

Monochrome Moments

If you can’t decide on a color palette for your kitchen, why not just go monochrome? This sleek kitchen, which features a dark gray and black island with matching stools, is both sophisticated and unfussy.

modern kitchen in luxury home

imaginima – Getty Images

Cute and Compact

Don’t let a lack of space prevent you from installing a kitchen island. This compact one is made with a smooth wooden top and is matched with molded plastic chairs, much like the ones you can pick up right from Ikea.

open plan kitchen at a nordic style apartment open shelves, refrigerator and oven many green plants

Josep Gutierrez – Getty Images

Periwinkle Paint

Kitchen islands are an excellent opportunity to add a pop of color to your space. This one boasts a pretty periwinkle shade and a sleek white marble top.

modern kitchen with smart speaker

imaginima – Getty Images

Pull Up a Chair

Make any kitchen an eat-in one by having your kitchen island act as a dining table. This extra-long island, which can fit up to five people, is perfect for families.

modern kitchen with stainless appliances

Michael Robinson – Getty Images

Butcher Block

The butcher block top of this rustic kitchen island adds a touch of coziness to the space. Not to mention, butcher blocks can be sealed so you can prepare food right on them, and if any scratches pop up, you can just sand them out.

santa monica home of textile and interior designer kathryn ireland

Andreas von Einsiedel – Getty Images

Double Duty

If you want more breathing room to cook, consider installing a kitchen island with a stovetop range.

chairs arranged at kitchen island in apartment

Morsa Images – Getty Images

More Room to Entertain

A kitchen island with a dining table attached not only gives you more space for serving, but can also create more room for meal prepping. This one is especially nice as it has a peninsula-like shape to it.

kitchen in new build luxury house

Justin Paget – Getty Images

A Pop of Green

Although this kitchen island doesn’t have seating, it does serve multiple purposes—it’s chock-full of drawers that are perfect for storing kitchen gadgets, utensils, dining ware, and more.

modern kitchen island in kitchen

Chris Ryan – Getty Images

The One That Does It All

This minimalist-meets-rustic kitchen island does it all—it has seating, a sink and faucet, shelves for stacking cookbooks and other items, and even a few drawers for easily accessible storage.

3d render of a spacious and open kitchen interior

alvarez – Getty Images

Terrifically Terrazzo

Terrazzo, which is typically made with marble chips and cement, steals the show in this eye-catching kitchen design. We especially love how this island includes overhang storage as an unexpected detail.

modern kitchen interior

ExperienceInteriors – Getty Images

More is More

Maximize your space by installing a kitchen island that overlaps with a long dining table. Easily able to seat six or more comfortably, this head-turning setup is an inventive way to get the most out of your kitchen space.

counters, tables and chairs in modern living space

Camilo Morales – Getty Images

Wooden Waterfall

This wooden waterfall island is partially see-through, meaning it can help make your room look more open and airy.

beautiful kitchen in luxury home with island

imaginima – Getty Images

Wine Not?

Need somewhere to store all your wine? Why not use your kitchen island? This one has an efficient design that boasts seating and plenty of storage for your wine collection.

lime green modern kitchen

chandlerphoto – Getty Images

Bright and Breezy

This bright and breezy kitchen island proves that islands don’t have to be complicated to be design-forward. Boasting cutout detailing, this no-fuss one would work wonderfully in a country cottage or beach house.

luxury home showcase kitchen

Caia Image – Getty Images

Blue and White

Paint the inside of your kitchen island if you want to add a pop of color but don’t want to commit to transforming the whole piece. This sky-blue color is precious, but if you want something bolder, go for a deep navy or earthy green.

modern kitchen interior with kitchen island, blue and white cabinets and chairs

onurdongel – Getty Images

The Main Attraction

Make your kitchen island the main focal point of the space by really going all out—add some overhead storage, pull up a few stools, and accessorize the surface by thoughtfully placing some items, such as a crystal pitcher, on it.

modern open space kitchen with large island

ExperienceInteriors – Getty Images

Pretty in Pink

This simple kitchen island, which has a butcher block top and cushioned stools, complements this space’s pale salmon accent wall wonderfully.

pink walled kitchen with white cabinets, pendant lights, kitchen island and hardwood floor

onurdongel – Getty Images

Make A Statement

Make a strong statement by installing a black kitchen island with a granite top and matching leather stools. It creates an industrial look to the space without it feeling too unapproachable.

empty classic brown kitchen and dining room with rectangular rustic breakfast kitchen island

Gladiathor – Getty Images

It’s All In the Details

Placing small details, such as high-end bottles of extra virgin olive oil and wooden bowls of fruit, around and on top of your kitchen island can instantly make the space feel more put-together.

modern apartment dining room interior

ExperienceInteriors – Getty Images

Go All Out

Even though kitchen islands are typically rectangular, don’t be afraid to play around with shape and size. This one embraces a square outline, and features carved molding on its edges.

large luxury kitchen

Tom Penpark – Getty Images

Tying It Together

A kitchen island can be a great way to tie together the rest of your space. For example, you can place accessories or trinkets on it that match an accent wall’s color.

domestic kitchen interior

Bulgac – Getty Images

A Cottage-Esque Kitchen

Kitchen islands can also be quaint and cozy. This simple wooden one features handy storage and seating for two.

3d rendering of kitchen island with stools in cottage

alvarez – Getty Images

Retro Moments

This kitchen island throws it back by incorporating retro details like metal stools, vintage drawer handles, and a durable metal top.

retro style kitchen with white cabinets, wood kitchen island, stools, kitchen utensils and plant tomatoes

onurdongel – Getty Images

Cute and Cozy

A warm wooden kitchen island can make your space feel more welcoming. This compact one boasts a shiny exterior and a marble surface and is paired with tall dining chairs.

domestic kitchen and dining room

Bulgac – Getty Images

Tons of Storage

If you’re low on kitchen storage, an island with plenty of drawers can help solve this. It also boasts seating on two sides, which is helpful for when you have guests over.

modern domestic kitchen

Bulgac – Getty Images

A Mountain Getaway

Turn your kitchen into an inviting mountain getaway by choosing a warm, wooden kitchen island. This traditional version has a marble top and matching carved wooden stools.

modern style wood kitchen

David Papazian – Getty Images

Cement To Be

Gray marble and cement add an industrial touch to any kitchen. This island would look great styled with glossy black tableware and a vibrant floral centerpiece.

modern white kitchen with rectangular gray concrete breakfast kitchen island and counter top

Gladiathor – Getty Images

Wide Open Spaces

This partially open island can make your space look so much bigger. Not to mention it also makes it easier to store stools and chairs under.

modern white kitchen with rectangular breakfast kitchen island with stools

Gladiathor – Getty Images

Dark and Moody

A dark marble island adds plenty of personality to a kitchen. This extra-wide one features an elongated edge that’s perfect for serving meals.

modern white kitchen with rectangular granite breakfast kitchen island

Gladiathor – Getty Images

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