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10 Beginner Tips And Tricks

Garden Galaxy is one of the most relaxing and thoroughly engrossing idle world-building games, with tiny visitors arriving with a tip regularly to keep you checking back. The music matches the calm atmosphere perfectly, and even more soothing sound effects can be added by acquiring rare items.

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The whole premise is to collect adorable items and build a totally Zen outdoor area, and with so many themes and item sets to mix and match, you’ll create a unique world every time. The tutorial is pretty sparse, letting you discover quirky things along the way. This list will ensure you make the most of this super chill game.


10/10 Each Coin Buys Unique Items

Garden Galaxy Silver And Gold Coin Collection Catalog Items

You’ll quickly notice there are eleven different coins, ranging in shape and color, each with their own rarity. The fellow in the pot will spit out a random object in exchange for a coin, the object depending on the coin provided.You might find that you receive the same items regularly.

If you check the catalog book in the lower left corner, it will show you each coin’s respective collection, with some items in the collection more common than others. Collect them all to get the chance to receive a catalog item from the pot as a reward.

9/10 Piggy Banks Help Complete Collections

Garden Galaxy Piggy Banks On Stone Tiles Water Classic Forest Next To Lamppost At Twilight

If you find you really love a particular set of items and want to create your own biome out of them, or maybe you’re severely lacking items for your collection, piggy banks can help with that. Each coin collection has its own bank that can be traded randomly for its coin. You can put any other coins into these items until the cumulative value reaches up to ten of those coins.

For instance, a silver piggy bank can’t accept silver coins, but one copper will translate to half a silver, and one gold is valued at one silver saved. Quickly tap on the bank to smash it and cash them in.

8/10 Some Items Affect Your Environment

Garden Galaxy Desert Sand Tiles Cacti Lighthouse Weathervane Umbrella And Paint Roller

In most of the item sets, there are especially uncommon objects that when interacted with will change the world visuals. Altogether there are eight, with some coming in multiple colors to allow for full personalization. Effects include making it softly rain, creating a light fog, changing the color of the sky, two items change the time of day, and turning on the stars. In the forest collection a leaf item comes in both green and red, and causes either green or red leaves to gently drift across the screen.

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If the items themselves don’t fit your aesthetic, you can put them in a storage box after use and the effect will remain.

7/10 Create Your Own Waterfalls

Garden Galaxy Water Feature With Waterfall Surrounded By Grass Tiles With Wooden Bridge

Unsurprisingly, this item is part of the water collection and can be traded for a teardrop shaped coin. Similar to a regular water block, the waterfall block can have water related items placed on it such as the floating lantern or a lily. However, when connected to other water blocks it will cause a flowing effect, and if placed on top of most blocks it will produce a waterfall.

Try stacking a tile you have plenty of into a layered pillar shape, then covering each tile with a flowing water block for a fountain in the middle of a lake or as a centerpiece to your garden. Boats from the same set will bob gracefully on the moving water, adding movement and dimension to the environment.

6/10 Floor Tiles Are Precious

Garden Galaxy Item Catalog Classic And Unusual Coin Collections

Not all items from the trader can float in your galaxy; most of them need to be placed upon a block or tile which also comes from the trader in the pot. There are different rarities, and though they can be given back to the trader to go towards the value of a coin it’s a good idea to keep some stacks hanging around.

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You can stack these tiles up to ten high and place them off to the side of the galaxy out of sight. With all the cute objects you’ll be amassing you’ll eventually need those tiles to create new biomes, mountains, platforms and any other projects you come up, so keep a stack of each just in case.

5/10 Watering Plants Makes Them Grow

Garden Galaxy Farm Tiles With Carrots Wheat Lettuce Beetroot And Sunflowers

Something not covered in the tutorial is that the huge variety of plants in Garden Galaxy can grow. There are garden plots for all your veggies, but regardless of where the flower, mushroom or even cactus is, when watered it will double in size. For this you’ll need either a watering can or a fish water feature directed onto the plant. It doesn’t need to be consistently sat under the water stream.

It’s not instant however, so you’ll need to wait a few minutes for the change to occur. You’ll know the plant is able to grow when water droplets appear to sweat from the item after being doused. Items such as fir trees or hollow dead trees cannot be watered.

4/10 Collection Plates Are Super Handy

Garden Galaxy Collection Plates With Coins On Desert Sand Tiles

When you’re starting out in this game, there aren’t many places for visitors to hide and the tips they throw are fairly obvious. However, as the game progresses and your little islands become more crowded it’s easy to lose precious coins among the mayhem. In the copper coin set is the collection plate item, a shallow dish that can be placed anywhere without looking out of place or conspicuous.

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Once a visitor has been interacted with, if there is a collection plate within range, they’ll flick their coin onto it. The range is pretty big, but you’ll have to trial and error the number of tiles. Collection plates aren’t terribly uncommon, and it’s not difficult to accumulate a few and scatter them around your galaxy to keep track of your tips.

3/10 Pedestals Stack

Garden Galaxy Three Pedestals On White Tiles With Fir Tree Water Tile And Stone

One of the rarer items in the game is in the gold coin collection and resembles a marble pedestal with an open book atop it. Small glimmering particle effects float off the top, and any item placed upon the book has a higher chance of getting tossed from the trader. You’ll still need to offer the appropriate coin, but you’ll be much more likely to receive the item you actually want from the collection.

What makes these little miracles even better is that their effects are cumulative. That means that if you place the same type of item on a bunch of them then it’s very likely you’ll receive it again and again. This is great for big showy pieces that require a lot of tiles or the same kind of item, such as candles or fences.

2/10 Sort Coins Using Storage

Garden Galaxy Storage Box With Copper Silver Gold Desert And Classic Coins

Once you’ve got your hands on a few collection plates, you’ll quickly realize that it can be a pain picking up each coin and putting it where you need it to go. Whether you’re collecting rare curio coin items from the trader, or trying to fill up a piggy bank with only low value coins, it’s easy to accidentally mix them up.

By selecting a coin at the bottom of a stack you can pick all of them up and pop them into a storage box. They will automatically be sorted into their respective types, making it simple to pick out the ones you want for each goal.

1/10 Buy Multiple Items At Once

Garden Galaxy Trade Pot With Nine Items On White Tiles Beside A Visitor

Similarly, throwing one coin into the pot or a piggy bank can be very repetitive and boring. Picking up the coin at the bottom of the collection plate and putting them straight into the receptacle will load them all up. From there, a number will appear beside the pot, and you can click it that many times to spawn items.

The items given will be the same as if you’d put the coins in one by one, but this way is much faster when you don’t need to be picky about it.

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